General information

VINSUN Driving School is Premier Perth Driving School committed to assist all learner drivers to obtain their WA license or refresh driving skills to stay safe on our roads. Having a driver license is extremely important as it provides us ability to obtain employment and enjoyment to drive around town and country.

For your peace of mind, our driving school business is fully insured, all training vehicles are ANCAP 5 Star Rated with all side airbags and dual brake control. All our instructors are certified to work with children. Please let us know the date & time you wish to book your driving test to insure Vinsun Driving School is with you at the time.

Driving Tips

You can refer to “DRIVE SAFE” A handbook for Western Australian road users. Visit for further details.

An Overseas Drivers Licence

If You have an overseas driver’s licence and would like to get your Western Australian Driver’s Licence or need some local driving lessons. Vinsun Driving School is happy to assist you to get your WA driver’s licence with ease. If your overseas driver’s licence is more than 3 years old, you will get a full WA driver’s licence upon completion of formalities.

People requiring some refresher driving lessons could also contact us or take advantage of our package deals to better drive on Western Australian roads.

If you hold a full drivers licence from any of the countries listed below, you do not need to sit for any formal test. But we recommend you take a few driving lessons to comfort yourself and to enhance the confidence.

Recognised countries

Austria Belgium Bosnia-Herzegovina
Canada Croatia Denmark
Finland France Germany
Greece Isle of Man Ireland
Italy Japan Jersey
Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
New Zealand Norway Portugal
Singapore Spain Sweden
Switzerland UK USA

Experienced driver recognised countries

Bulgaria Czech Republic Estonia
Hong Kong Hungary Latvia
Lithuania Poland Republic of Cyprus
Romania Slovakia Republic of Korea
Slovenia Taiwan South Africa

Drivers with a full licence from other countries that are not on the above list may need to pass a computer based “Learner permit test” and “Hazard test”. Once you have the learner permit licence you may then need either take driving test or take some driving lessons to prepare for the road test according to the drive test criteria.



Overseas Driver's Licence Requirements

If you have held a permanent visa for 3 months or more while residing in Australia, or your overseas licence has expired or been disqualified, you cannot drive on your overseas licence .You may drive on your overseas licence for three months from the date you first entered Australia if the permanent visa was issued before you entered Australia; or from the date when the permanent visa was issued to you if the permanent visa was issued to you while you were in Australia



Road rules theory test quiz.

When you apply for your first driver’s licence in Western Australia, or you want to transfer an overseas driver licence from a non – recognised country you will need to pass a computerised theory test on the road rules, refer to




Learner’s permit

# Pay for and pass a computerised theory test.
#Pay for and be issued a Learner Guide and Log Book.
#Pass an eyesight test.
# Pass a medical test (if required)



Learning to drive.

Once you got your learner’s permit, Learner Guide and Log Book, you can begin learning driving and Vinsun driving school is always pleased to provide you with quality driving training



Practical Driving Assessment (PDA)

When you have developed the ability to control a vehicle safely and completed a minimum of 25 hours of supervised driving experience and you are at least 16 years and 6 months old you can book and sit a PDA. Online PDA booking can be made for tests conducted at most Driver and Vehicle Services Centres, visit or call 13 11 56 and have your learner’s permit number on hand.



Gain Experience

Once you have passed PDA, you must complete and record a further 25 hours of supervised driving experience in your Learner Guide and Log Book across a range of driving conditions



Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

After six months following the successfully completion of PDA and once your Log Book has been completed and verified for 25 hours post PDA supervised driving, you can sit the HPT to obtain your provisional licence.



Provisional Licence

Once you have your provisional licence, you can drive without supervision though for the next two years you will have to display “P” plates whenever you drive.



is a leading and fastest growing driving training provider in Perth and Mandurah areas. We provide driving lessons in Mandurah, Rockingham and Perth areas for both manual and automatic cars. Our goal is not only to teach people how to safely operate a vehicle but also to provide our students with the best possible training to produce a smart, safe and skilful drivers so they become confident in their own ability and courteous to other road users and pedestrians on the streets, VINSUN driving school promotes a calm driving environment and our instructors are equipped with all the necessary skills, knowledge, patience and experience required for high standard training. We are committed to offer the best and most effective training sessions you could expect to experience. Try us, and you will find learning to drive need not to be stressful but a fun and positive experience you will remember for years to come.

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