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Vinsun Driving School is a leading and fastest growing driving school in Mandurah and Perth areas. We provide driving lessons in Mandurah, Rockingham and Perth areas for both manual and automatic cars. Our goal is not only to teach people how to safely operate a vehicle but also to provide our students with the best possible training to become a smart, safe and skilful drivers so they become confident in their own ability and courteous to other road users and pedestrians on the streets, VINSUN driving school promotes a calm driving environment and our instructors are equipped with all the necessary skills, knowledge, patience and experience required for high standard training. We are committed to offer the best and most effective training sessions you could expect to experience. Try us, and you will find learning to drive need not to be stressful but a fun and positive experience you will remember for years to come.

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  • This has to be the most awesome lessons I've ever take!

    John Doe

  • Simply amazing! It solved my problem. I highly recommend it.


  • A tremendous success. It is like walking on sunshine compared to its competitors.


  • Great Dealing, Well Trained Trainers.


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